Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where Are We Now?

Where are we now? Well, let's see...

Mason is almost 4 1/2, he loves playing soccer, wii, doing puzzles, drawing, spelling, and reading!

Canon is 21 months old, and OH MAN...he LOVES to do anything his big brother is doing! He will follow Mason around all day long and be perfectly content doing so!

Brian is coaching for FC Dallas and is a P.E. Coach in Plano. He is a hard worker, a wonderful provider, and amazing father, and the best soul mate one could ask for.

I am teaching in Anna, and loving it! I take pride in being a wife and mommy. We are currently 7 months pregnant with our third baby boy! Bradon Jacob Pratt. We look forward to him joining our family in about 10 weeks!!

Stay tuned for more about the PRATT's!

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