Sunday, January 27, 2013

Going for the 6th Time!

When God calls you to do something that you feel so passionate about, you would think that HANDS DOWN it would be easy all the way!  This is not always the case!  Many times I am surprised by the things that he calls us to do and I am beyond shocked that he would choose ME...US, our family to do these things.  Coming into the year 2013, Brian and I both knew that GOD had some extremely BIG things planned for us and our family.  We felt the overwhelming sensation of love and passion building in our hearts!

So far, what we know for sure is that I will be going to Honduras in JUNE for a longer stay than normal.  This trip will be 2 1/2 - 3 weeks long and I am looking to take a very small group.  I have just begun the extremely humbling process of trying to raise support for this trip.  I have only had 1 trip that has been fully funded by supporters and fundraising.  That was our very first trip in March of 2010.  Here we are 3 years later and I am looking for people who want to partner with me in this mission.  People who have a heart for orphans and for spreading the word of Christ but that simply cannot go at this point .  I am looking for people who are willing to pray for this trip, this small team, the extremely large goals we have set to accomplish during our time there.

Here is exactly what I posted on my fundraising page...a more detailed description of my experience in going to Honduras! In March of 2010, I had the privilege and opportunity to serve on a short term mission team in Puerto Lempira, Honduras alongside the Waits family. On that trip, we fell in love with the people of Honduras. I made friends with some extremely special people and our time there changed our hearts and lives forever.

The Waits family serves with the non-profit organization, Reach Out Honduras which works to meet the needs of 3 different orphanages in Puerto Lempira. I have had the privilege of traveling with a team over Thanksgiving in 2010, Spring Break 2011 and during Thanksgiving 2011, and June of 2012 and I feel that God is calling me to go serve Him in Puerto Lempira, again!
It is very difficult to express the deep passion and love the God has placed on my heart for the people in La Moskitia. On this trip, my focus will be to conduct assessments on various children to determine the most appropriate level of curriculum that needs to be purchased for the 7th grade at the new school that Reach Out Honduras is opening in February of 2014. To see more about the school go to
I am humbly asking our friends and family to help me get to Honduras this summer by generously partnering with me prayerfully and financially. Please consider how you can get involved by praying, donating one of the much needed items, or giving at one of several financial levels. All financial donations are 100% tax-deductible. There are no administrative or other types of fees taken out.
For more information about our trip, the work we will be doing in Puerto Lempira, or Reach Out Honduras, or email me at
PLEASE, be praying for this trip and for my family as we are opening ourselves up to be vulnerable in this time and trust in our Lord and Savior to provide for His will.  You can visit HERE to contribute financially or to see more pictures and a video from some of my trips to Honduras!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coincidences? I think not!

No one is where he is by accident, and chance plays no part in God’s plan.
A Course in Miracles 

When you pray for something: clarity, guidance, understanding, etc. you are looking for answers and a response, right?  I think so!  I hope so! 

Growing up, I remember my mother constantly saying, "There is no such thing as a coincidence!" At the time, I never questioned, doubted, or even wondered what she meant by this.  Now, as an adult I have decided that no, there is in fact no such thing as a coincidence!  

God knows.  He has a plan.  He understands and has paved the way for us and will guide us where He wants us to be, no matter what.  All we have to do is be willing to wait, listen, be patient, and continue to pray!  

This year, we have been praying about something very specific for our family.  The past week or so, it seems that the longer I look, the closer I pay attention, the more open I am to hearing God's answer and not mine...the more I see, the more I hear, and the more I realize!  

I know that this is a vague explanation of my realization that there are in fact no coincidences in life.  I have my reasons for being vague, but here is one example of what I am talking about and I would love to hear what you think!

3 times I have gotten in the car and a certain song was playing on the that means so very much to my husband and I.  This one song, "Until the Whole Word Hears" by Casting Crowns has played a huge role in our walk through missions and has touched our hearts since our very first trip to Honduras.  No, not a coincidence...but a memory being brought back to the forefront of my mind!  

Here is the video we made back in 2010!

The past 24 days of 2013 have been extremely eye-opening and we are super-excited to see what God has in store for the rest of the year and years to come!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

OMGoodness...It has been a while!

I cannot even wrap my head around the time that it has been since my last blog!  I am ready to get back at it and I have made it a personal goal to put my thoughts out there in the "Blogger" world on a more consistent basis!

It seems that I tend to get extremely excited about blogging and about processing my thoughts through blogging when there are major things going on in my head and in our lives!  Crazy how that happens...and no I am not saying that my life has been "boring" for the last year and a half!  Busy...YES!  Are you kidding me, I have 3 boys ages 8, 5, and 3!  Our lives are ANYTHING but boring!

As this new year gets underway, there are so many things weighing our hearts and we feel the comfort of God's calling getting louder and clearer as each day passes.  I am asking a favor of the world right now...please be praying for our family!  Be praying for the excitement that is brewing!  Here are some specific requests:

1. That we continue each day to grow closer to our Lord and Savior!
2. That we grow together and that we are ready and listening as God leads the way and answers prayers daily.
3. That we stay focused on what the end goal is and that each decision and step we make is to glorify Him and to get us where we know He wants us to be.
4. For our boys and that we can guide them and prepare them for the life that God has planned for them!