Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spending Time Together

Soccer rules the world! No, not just rules our time! Brian took Mason to practice with him tonight, and he made Mason's entire week! Mason lives and breathes soccer, I love that the boys can share their passions! In the meantime, Canon and I have been hanging out and playing blocks, working on words, and spending some good quality time together! I worry about my time with Canon after BRAYDON is born. (That's right, we changed the spelling of the name!) But, I think I will just have to make sure that Canon gets his one on one time through all the craziness of having 3 boys, work, soccer, church, and other activities!

We are all super ready for Braydon to be born, and we still have 9 1/2 weeks...YIKES! It seems so far away still! My work gave me a beautiful baby shower and we got a lot of fun baby stuff, and LOTS of diapers! Thanks to everyone I work with! I am so blessed to get to work with such an amazing faculty!

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  1. I am so excited to meet Braydon! :) hopefully we can come down for David and Cara's wedding and I can meet him then! :) I don't think I've met Canon yet either, just Mason! it's too bad that we live so far away and I don't get to see everyone often enough. I hope things are going well with you! :) -Abby


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