Monday, June 7, 2010


Missing in Action -

When life is going, Going, GOing, GOIng, GOINg, seems you can't slow down long enough to even catch your breath, but then God gives you some fresh air and all of a sudden you are able to regain your balance and stand up straight once again. That is where I am right now...standing up on two feet, able to breathe in and out and take in life as it comes with a sense of relaxation. FINALLY, but I am reminded once again how God has given me blessing so amazing and fulfilling that I cannot truly grasp how phenomenal he really is.

I title this entry, MIA, because that is what I have been. BUT, for the next 2 months, I pray that I will once again be able to get my priorities in order. Summer is sure to bring an array of possibilities!!!

And, yes...I have a list of things I need (desire) to accomplish during this resting period of the year that I am grateful to have as an educator! (For those who know me...the list is a product of my personality...I LOVE LISTS!!!)

Summer 2010:
1. BLOGGING - I hope to come back to the blogging world once again. I have so many blogger friends that I need to catch up with and I have many many things that I need to blog about for myself. First and foremost...I need to finish my blogs over the Spring Break trip to Honduras. Oh how I pray that I have not lost the emotional and heart felt words I have tried to engrave in my memory of one of the most impacting and life changing weeks of my life.

2.Bible Study - I definetely need to catch up on and complete the bible study I participated in over Daniel, by Beth Moore. I LOVED it and even though our women's group has completed our meetings, I want to go back to the daily assignments and finish the individual studies. I am looking forward to our next study, hopefully in the near future!!!

3. Organization - As much as I try to keep it all together and fulfill each of the roles I have in life, I just cannot do it all. One of the areas in my life that I need to get back in order is the organization of my home. I pride myself in being able to keep a house, my kids, soccer, church, work, marriage, and my selfish pleasures of reading and writing, but truth be told I can't keep up with it. The things that never fail to get overlooked are my house, my writing, and quality time with each of my boys, including my hubby.

4. Friends - This summer brings about many joyful memories to be had, new friendships to be made, newish friendships to be strengthed, and special special and cherished friends to say good bye to.

5. Travels - Though I do not want to spend a lot on travels this summer, I want to take the boys away for a weekend at Broken Bow for hiking, swimming, fishing, smores, playing, laughing, learning, and fellowship.

6. Saving - SAVING, SAVING, SAVING - I want to get as much money made and saved as possible! I know that money is struggle for many people, but I need to get some control over this area. I am planning TWO (2), yes TWO trips to Honduras in the next 10 months and one the 2nd one Brian and I are planning to take Mason (our 5 year old - then 6 year old) with us. So we need to be thinking passport and shots!!!!

In conclusion, this is going to be a BUSY summer, and I pray I can slow down and enjoy every second that God has granted us with over this break. I am no longer MIA, and until next time, I've missed you and I can't wait to get back in touch with the blogging world!!!



  1. Glad to hear from you again. I just checked your blog yesterday thinking that maybe I missed something. I am glad that your family is doing well....looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  2. Amy, if you missed any of the videos for "Daniel" and want to catch up on them when you do your workbook, I have the cds. You are more than welcome to borrow whatever you need. Not quite as good as the videos, but you can listen to them while you drive. :)


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