Friday, June 19, 2009

Braydon Jacob Pratt - The Nursery!!!

So last week I went to the doctor and he said that Braydon was measuring small. They did a sonogram and everything looked fine, the reason for him measuring small was that he has already dropped. Soooo...I kind of freaked out because we had NOTHING done in the nursery yet! That day we went home and got started in the nursery! I am very proud of how the nursery turned I figured I give you a picture walk to see how it all came together!!! Each of my boys had an adorable nursery, but I never attempted stripes before now...and I love em'!!!
Mason and I started with the first coat of primer. He was so excited and such a BIG help!!

The primer was finished, but we had to do a second coat after this! Brian wanted me to use an older gallon of primer that we had left over from a paint job we did several months ago. Of course that wasn't enough, so we opened the new gallon...and WALLA...we had two different shades of primer on the wall...hence the blotchy look!!!

Brian was so proud that he was being such a big help!!! He really stepped up and did most all of the painting and he made me relax and not worry about what was going on in the nursery! This is one of the reasons I love him with all of my heart!!!

Friday night, Ryan and Shana Kriechbaum came over to help us with the stripes! THANK GOODNESS for Ryan and his mathematical talents! He did all the math and the measuring for the lines! I couldn't decide how I wanted to lines to look and I kept changing my mind...with Shana's help! Ryan was extremely patient and reworked the numbers each time we changed our minds!!!! Thanks friends!

As soon as the boys got the stripes taped off, Shana and I got started painting! We made sure to paint the 1st coat extremely thick so that we didn't have to go over it was close to 11pm on Friday and we were all exhausted!

ME...looking quite rough...but doing some touch ups after we already took the tape off!!!

I was so anxious to start getting everything out and organized...I had to see how the comforter looked with the wall!!! Also, for the record, this furniture in this room is the furniture I had when I was a baby! It was used for my younger sister, two of my cousins, Mason and Canon and now Braydon!! They just don't make furniture the same as they used to!!!
Mason was posing because he said that he LOVES his baby's room!!!

Getting all the crib stuff out...and I couldn't decide where I wanted to put ANYTHING!!!

Okay, so an hour later...the mess was obviously bigger, but I just decided to dive in!! I was having a blast doing it too!!! Even though I was doing it by myself...this is when Brian said he was OUT!!!

The finished product - Braydon's bed!!!

The picture wall - with no pictures in the frame!!

The bed in centered on the stripe wall!!! I also chose to take the poles off...I like it better like this!

Crib to changing table view!!! Brian actually hung the curtains yesterday...all by himself! It was a surprise to me!!! Thanks hun!

Dresser and closet and door!!!

I hope you enjoyed our journey to putting Bray's room together! I had fun doing it and now I am ready to put my precious boy in here!!!


  1. Hey Amy! I think I saw you yesterday leaving Target. I was like hmm... that looks like Amy that I met in Dr. Leveno's office... and then I saw your little blondies and was sure of it!

    Anyways, the room looks great! I remember when we got ours together I would just walk by and stare wondering what the little guy(s) would look like in there!

    Take care and keep little Bray baking!
    Heather Cox

  2. What a beautiful nursery! Your family is adorable! I read about the homescoming of your nephew--- did you hint to adopting someday? ;)


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